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The Tortoise's Poem



In Chinese mythology, the Black Tortoise of the North, known as Xuan Wu (玄武), is one of the Four Symbols representing the cardinal directions. The Black Tortoise is closely associated with the north and embodies attributes of endurance, wisdom, and protection.


Legend has it that the Black Tortoise governs the northern quadrant of the universe, serving as a guardian and sentinel. Often depicted as a large tortoise entwined with a serpent or as a turtle with a snake on its back, the Black Tortoise symbolizes resilience and longevity.


In Chinese culture, the Black Tortoise holds significant symbolism, representing stability, fortitude, and prosperity. It is believed to bring strength and protection to those who honor and respect it, while also serving as a symbol of perseverance and steadfastness in the face of challenges.


Throughout history, the Black Tortoise has been revered as a symbol of strength and protection, invoked in rituals and ceremonies to ward off evil spirits and ensure harmony and balance in the world. Its presence is associated with the winter season and the element of water, representing the deep reservoirs of wisdom and vitality.

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