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The Bird's Poem



The Vermilion Bird of the South, also known as Zhu Que (朱雀) in Chinese mythology, is one of the Four Symbols that represent the cardinal directions. It is often associated with the south and embodies qualities of fire, warmth, and summer. In Chinese culture, the Vermilion Bird is depicted as a majestic bird resembling a phoenix, with vibrant red plumage.


According to mythology, the Vermilion Bird is said to govern over the southern quadrant of the universe, guarding and protecting that direction. It symbolizes prosperity, growth, and rebirth, as well as passion, creativity, and vitality. In ancient Chinese cosmology, the Vermilion Bird is believed to bring auspicious energy and blessings to those who honor and respect it.


In various legends and folklore, the Vermilion Bird is often portrayed as a celestial being with divine powers, capable of bringing both fortune and calamity. Its appearance is often associated with important events such as the changing of seasons or significant transitions in life. Throughout Chinese history, the Vermilion Bird has been revered as a symbol of power, beauty, and the eternal cycle of life and death.

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